Giving you
Peace of Mind
Safer community with secured and guarded surroundings

It's such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by a community that share a common interest in life. Living within the safest environment. The overall concept of Parkview Residence aims to create a safer community that provide the peace of mind among yourselves.
  •  CCTV Surveillance
  • 24-Hours Security Guard
  • Touch Card Access
  • Fingerprint Lockset
  • Electric Fencing

Smart home
Intelligent Living
Monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere

Smart Home System - the intelligent living companion which helps to monitor, control and secure your home remotely from anywhere and at anytime. Giving you the peace of mind during your busy day.

With any mobile devices, you can monitor almost all happenings at home. Selected electronic devices and electrical appliances are remotely controlled and secured at your own convenience.

It is the first condominium in Ipoh to provide such state-of-the-art system.